I’ve always been a bit peed off with the Mobile Casinos that required me to add each of their iPhone casino games to my homescreen. I always thought it a bit of a liberty… “I’ll put what I want on my homescreen, not what they want.”

The mFortune Mobile Casino was the worst of the them. I happily added their main mobile casino icon to homescreen, but everytime I clicked to play one of their iPhone casino games I’d get another annoying pop up message. Great games, but I’d soon get infuriated with them and go and do something else. 

Oops. My bad. I get it now. Turns out that mFortune were a little ahead of the game.

Annoyed at the Mobile Casino Space Invaders? No not that one.

Their iPhone casino games use the whole of the iPhone screen. No Safari browser bar taking up space, just full-screen mobile casino game fun. This can ONLy be achieved if the game is launched using the game icon on your iPhone homescreen, which you only need to do once for each game and only for the games you actually want to play.