In a move that’s sure to impact on Android Mobile Casinos, Adobe have removed their Mobile Flash Player from Google Play, following their announcement to halt development of the software for mobile devices.

Android Mobile Casinos can continue to provide their games using Flash for a year, as Adobe stated it would continue to offer security updates and bug fixes for existing versions until September 2013.

Adobe said it was removing the option to install the plug-in because it was likely to exhibit “unpredictable behaviour” when used with the latest version of Android, known as Jelly Bean.

It also suggested that smartphone / tablet owners who had upgraded to the latest system should uninstall the Flash Player if it was already on their device.

I suspect that many of the Android mobile casinos will already have their development teams working on the two alternatives. Direct downloads of individual games, Web apps using html5, or the newer Android ‘Air’ platform, also available from the Google Play and also developed by Adobe.

End of Adobe Flash Games on Android Mobile Casinos

Air is a tool which lets developers turn web-based applications using Flash into standalone mobile apps. The best example of which is the AllSlots Android Air Casino for later Android devices. Click here.

When Adobe announced its decision to end development of the mobile Flash Player it acknowledged that HTML 5 had become “the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms” and said it would boost its investment in the format.