Despite being well executed technically, it’s the ‘real money’ aspect LadyLucks mobile bingo of it that gets my back up.

It starts off all well and good. You buy your mobile bingo ticket(s) from 10p each. Then it’s eyes down for cash prize for being the first to a get a single line, being the first to get a two lines and/or then the first to get a get a full house.

The problem with LadyLucks bingo is that if ‘full house’ isn’t won within a certain number of balls being drawn, the full house prize rolls over to the next game. Forcing you to buy more tickets if you want to be in with a chance to win.

Obviously no one actually forces you to buy more tickets, you can just walk away.

However, compare it to the mFortune mobile bingo game and I suspect you’ll never play LadyLucks bingo again. mFortune don’t roll over the cash prize. You play until someone wins.

I still pop in and out of LadyLucks for their mobile slots, they have some cracking progressive jackpots up for grabs, but whenever I fancy a session of bingo I opt for mFortune everytime. Because I always stand a chance of winning.